NEW Virtual Entertainment VR Walker Adult Shooting Standing Up HTC Vive Device VR Game


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VR Fighting is an multiplayer interactive combat platform, an all-in-one machine that contains game, exhibition, advertisement, game caster, control platform and cashier. In terms of content, we cooperated with ARCHIACT, the top content provider from North America, who has already provides us with 4 Interactive Combat games and 2 solo games. The content will be updated continuously. With cool light effect and hidden cables, the vogue design of this device comes from the concept of capsule, which gives customers an impress of high-tech.


Product Parameter

Size 1350mmX950mmX1200mm
Weight 800KG
Power 2000W
Color Black & red 
Glasses resolution 2560*1440
Warranty 12 months
Venues Shopping mall, park,street
Voltage 110V/220V
Floor space 8 square meters
Games 3 shoot games / 2 experience games
Net Weight 90KG