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2017 virtual reality MINI HTC space  9d vr shooting simulator for shopping mall with htc vive Helmet  750-1.jpg

The introduction of HTC Vive Virtual reality game system:


          HTC Vive virtual reality game system is HTC's latest development of a HTC VIVE VR Helmet (virtual reality headset display) products, integrated Laser Positioning Sensor, Wireless Control Hand Shake, HD LCD Screen and other high-tech products VR virtual game system.


what is mini htc vr?:

1. Mini HTC is a latest technology of virtual reality device , it is a VR game machine, with cool appearance, own system, and high quality glasses HTC VIVE.Put on the glasses, enjoy different games: such as skiing, boxing, sport, shooting game.


2.The Mini HTC could be perfect match with HTC VIVE Glasses, and two wireless handlers. The excellent image and accurate movement wiil take you into the game and don't wanna leave. You would love to try again and again.


3.Cool appearance with shining light in the body, put it into a shopping malls or game center, this machine will be a super star in there.



why choose us?:



Looking for excitements is human nature, if not how to explain the huge crowds in the playground. How is a virtual reality experience that we according to the scene, the angle and other subtle aspects to design?


2.Rich Content

We may offer your the game that may attract all age people no matter young or old. There is zoobie, shooting, cartoon, and firut-cut. 



HTC VIVE glasses, all the movies on the market can be played and achieve the most effective. Our products have passed CE certification. 



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