Factory Direct Sale Virtual Interactive Cool Reality Shooting Game Machine


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VR SPACE feature show

1. Select game for start automatically

2. Game show synchronously

3. Coin function for start equipment

4. Speaker

5. Control the props inside the game, shoot, throw…

6. Luxury logo show platform


Why choose HTC VIVE?

1.Compared with the traditional entertainment industry,this project will bring more profits but with small investment.

2. Low obstacle and little investment,easy to select a place to run.

3. Individualized customization,Flexible configuration.

4.Motion platform,move Left and right,backward and forward according to the games.

5.Gun shooting interactive .

6.360°panoramic simulation.

7.More than 50 games. 

8.Easy move and small spaces.


Where to place the HTC VIVE?

1.Tourist attractions.

2.All kinds of Club, including private company club and racking club.

3.Star hotels.


5.Movie theater,home theater.


7.Auto show.


9.Science promotion activities and so on.

Any way,they can be used in any activities to let the display more headline-grabbing