Commercial Play Arcade Vritual Reality Motion Electronic Racing Car Vr Furious Rider


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VR Racing Car is developed by advanced international dynamic control technology with unique freedom electric motion-based dynamic platform which can achieve movements including dive, clime, tilt, turn, drop, vibration as well as multiple hyper, thrilling and breathtaking movements , can integrate software game tightly. Create an ultra-realistic experience in features of interaction, cockpit control, audio, video and simulation for user.


Where can be placed?


      It can be used for a variety of indoor playgrounds, theme parks, popular science exhibition hall, vacation spots, private business club, Racing Club, racing simulation teaching, auto 4S shops, high-end real estate sales, hotel, KTV, game room, a large cinema, home theater , auto, aviation exhibition, various large-scale events etc.


Product Parameter


Size L235*W110*H230cm
Weight 300kg
Load Weight ≤200KG
Occupied area 4m2
Voltage 110V-230V
Power 4.5W
Material fibergalss with metal
Headset 4K resolution
Electric cylinder 3dof
Color red with silver color
Player 1


How To Play?

1.After insert the coins, it will turn to the game interface.


2.Player choose the car and competition venue by the steering wheel.


3.After choosing the map and car, the player must wear the VR headset, take the seat belt, then press button to start the racing game.


4.The player should control the racing action by the steering wheel. 

   It is an air, sea and land driving platform which completely belong to virtual reality world.The driving experience is so exciting that you will always remember.



Our Advantages

1.Attractive and cool car appearance design, advanced skill shown, more fashionable, more popular.
2.4 different games with 3d of electric system
3.Fiber glass with metal meterial
4.Latest operating system, the operating interface is easy to understand

5.High frequency to feel, to attract more clients and earn money every time.

6.Intelligent mode, only one person to operate, remotely monitor the profit data.

7.Plentiful original films, renew every month.